• March 21, 2019
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  • Unions Representing Pilots and Mechanics are Standing Together for a Safety Culture Change at American Airlines
    Updated On: May 17, 2018

    The Allied Pilots Association Calls on American Airlines to Give Mechanics, Represented by the Transport Workers Union, a Fair Contract 

    The Allied Pilots Association – and its 15,000 pilots at American Airlines – has pledged unconditional support for the Transport Workers Union, which represents the airline’s maintenance, stores, and fleet service workers.

    The TWU and the International Association of Machinists (IAM) have been trying to negotiate a joint collective bargaining agreement with American Airlines management since December 2015.

    “Years with no contract for our TWU colleagues is unacceptable when this company is wildly profitable, making $500,000 an hour,” said Captain Dan Carey, president of the Allied Pilots Association. He and the union’s vice president, First Officer Tim Hamel, were in Boston this week at the invitation of the TWU’s International Executive Council.

    Among the sticking points in the negotiations is the loss of union jobs to maintenance facilities in South America and Asia.

    “Safety is the foundation of what we do. Whether I’m in the cockpit with members of my union or in the cabin with members of my family, I expect to be assured that the protection of the margin of safety is first and foremost on every flight,” Carey said. “With American Airlines outsourcing TWU maintenance jobs to under-regulated offshore camps, I have serious concerns over the potential narrowing of the safety margin.”

    TWU International President John Samuelsen is thankful to have APA’s support.

    “I’m extremely grateful to have the pilots on our side, and today marks a new era in our relationship,” Samuelsen said. “We are strong unions individually. Together, we are even more formidable. American Airlines is facing some serious turbulence on several fronts.”

    With June right around the corner, Carey is encouraging all pilots to be mindful of the situation TWU and IAM members will be in during the busy summer travel season.

    “Whenever you’re at work or in your communities, reach out to our brothers and sisters of TWU and IAM with words of encouragement, so they know we have their backs,” Carey said.


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