• May 25, 2019
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  • TWU Negotiations Letter
    Posted On: Sep 15, 2018

    Doug Parker & Robert lsom continue to tell their fantasy story online, rather than participating at the negotiating table. While both have promised our members "the best contract in the industry," neither has actively engaged in our negotiations to reach that objective. While a mediator can only make suggestions in an attempt to bring the parties closer, both Doug and Robert seem to believe mediation will create the concessionary outcome from the membership that they seem to desire. To put our members at ease, unlike arbitration, a mediator does not determine an outcome and force specific terms or conditions.

    Even though Robert lsom opened these negotiations with the statement that the Union could pick the language written into either agreement and the Company would agree in an effort to expedite the process; in almost every proposal, the Company's negotiating team has rejected the current language and fought us on it. In fact, nearly every proposal presented by the company negotiators started from the worst language in either agreement, forcing our negotiating team to fight for the language achieved in each Article. Now that we are negotiating Scope, the company has brought out a new narrative- that our proposal is not competitive with United or Delta and therefore we must accept additional concessions. They are stooping to this new low, while the top company officers funnel nearly one hundred million in cash and tens of thousands of shares annually into their own pockets annually.

    Some members have asked, what is the Union asking for in Scope? We are negotiating for nothing less than what we have today, no concessions. For Stores and M&R members, we have zero interest in giving up thousands of our jobs to South America, Mexico, or elsewhere. For Facilities and GSE, we aren't interested in our members' work being transferred over to a vendor at the Company's discretion. For Fleet Service, just the loading, unloading, and moving of passenger bags as Scope is unacceptable, and with nearly all other work done on a "when and where directed by management" basis won't do. In today's world, ambiguity in the contract won't work; we must have contract language that says what we mean, with the language in our JCBA being clear and succinct. Many of our members have already had management say to them, "show me where it says that in the contract."

    The merger of American Airlines and US Airways has made many in management millions of dollars off our labor; with some into the hundreds of millions. It is deplorable for Company leaders to brag about our members' pay raises that were well deserved; while eating caviar and drinking champagne. The raises were negotiated and the company received cross-utilization in that exchange, unfortunately they continue to speak to the membership like they gave it to us out of the goodness of their hearts. We helped American become the "world's largest airline" and for over the last two plus years, American has chosen to ignore that fact and now talks like the carrier is struggling to make ends meet- THE AIRLINE, NOR THIS MANAGAMENT TEAM HAS NOT STRUGGLED OR SACRIFICING ANYTHING! Let's not forget that Doug Parker is on record saying the airline will never lose money again, but he seems to have forgotten that labor is the reason the company makes money.

    The Company is working tirelessly to create division and doubt within our ranks; don't fall for their divide and conquer tactics. If the Company believes their Scope proposal is so good for our members, every member should demand they put out their whole proposal - not just a few bullet points, because the devil is in the details! If the Company's medical proposal is so great, demand they show all. .. don't just sell a story online. Under the Company proposal, our medical cost will increase each year; now and forever! And while the Union's proposal has an option for retiree medical, the Company's offer has none! Lastly, if the Company wants to offer an early out at their discretion without it being open to any member who meets the eligibility rules, not just those management selects. We believe if management was genuine in their offer, they would put it out today and see how many takers they get. 


    Andre Sutton & Gary Peterson
    International Vice Presidents


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