• January 23, 2019
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  • $1,000 Company Pay-Out Q&A
    Posted On: Jan 09, 2018

    Does this payout require approval by each union? 
    Yes. We’re working with each union on that now and hope to reach agreement soon.

    When will I receive the $1,000?
    We expect the payout will be made on Jan. 23, 2018, for U.S.-based team members and by the end of January, or as soon as practical, for international team members. This is the same for team members on leaves of absence. You’ll receive it the same way you receive your normal paycheck. So, if your paychecks are direct deposited, your lump sum will be direct deposited to your bank account; if you receive a paper paycheck, you’ll receive a paper check for this lump sum, too. This is subject to signed Letters of Agreement with each union.

    Will it be in a separate paycheck or my normal one?
    It’ll be a separate paycheck for U.S-based team members, but you’ll receive it the same way you’re normally paid. So, either direct deposit or paper check. For international team members, you’ll receive it with your normal paycheck.

    When will the payout be visible in ePays and Paperless Pay for U.S.-based team members?
    It’ll vary, but you can generally expect to see the payout a few days in advance of Jan. 23, 2018. Again, this is subject to signed Letters of Agreement with each union.

    How will it be taxed?
    This one will vary by location and by team member. At a high level, taxation will be based on local country law, and we anticipate a treatment similar to profit sharing payouts. For U.S.-based team members, like profit sharing, this lump sum payout will be taxed at supplemental rates. For most team members, this is 25 percent federal withholding.

    Will the taxes be grossed up?
    No. Each team member will be responsible for the taxes associated with the payout.

    Does this affect our 2017 profit sharing payout (to be paid in 2018)?
    No. It’s unrelated to profit sharing. Rather, it’s in addition to it.

    Does this payout count toward eligible earnings for profit sharing?
    As with other incentive and bonus payments, this one-time payout will not be included as part of your eligible earnings when calculating profit sharing.

    I am a mainline team member eligible for a 401(k) plan. Can I defer from my payout to my 401(k)?
    This payout isn’t 401(k) eligible. So that means your normal deferral, a special election or any company match or contribution will not apply.

    Will union dues be deducted from this payout?

    • Union dues will be deducted for mainline pilots as part of their collective bargaining agreements.
    • Mainline team members represented by the APFA, CWA-IBT and TWU-IAM will not have union dues deducted.
    • Certain international-based team members will have union dues deducted, where required by law. Your local People Business Partner can share more.

    Will there be benefit deductions in this payout?
    Benefits, such as medical or dental insurance, won’t be deducted from this check.

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